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Powerful Weapons, Muslim Businessman 2

Powerful Weapons, Muslim Businessman 2

Have we use prayer as a regular curved weapon in the face of difficult life? Let alone in the face of adversity, we too were delighted gracefully told to pray. Therefore, in addition to prayer becomes hope for our liking, also serve as our close relationship with the Creator. If prayer as a self approach, prayer as a means for the maintainance proximity. Keep in mind, only the obligatory prayers five times a day, while between times it is possible for an immoral servant do. That probably happened due to someone who prays, but still do immoral.

Therefore, we do minimize opportunities for prayer immoral. Guidance in prayer and remembrance, two things are done all the time in the entire state. Start of waking up, go in and out the shower, mirror, wearing and removing clothing, in and out the house, entered the mosque, perform ablutions, before and after prayers, in the rain and lightning, drive, when it is time for the morning and evening, see something amazing, when confused and sad, when receiving a gift, having a husband and wife, when the sick and afflicted, dealing with people who do wrong, until when will sleep a night, including pray if you can not sleep. All there is prayer. Referral is worth reading for the memorized and practiced is a book entitled Al-Azhar (Prayer and Remembrance) written by Imam Nawawi is now widely translated.

Remember as a school, we used to say learning while praying (ora et labora). When work does not hurt, even should pray more. Test of life is much more severe than the national test and academic final exam. So, while the input data to the computer and can be accompanied by prayer and remembrance. Traveling or in the course of this life should always be covered with a remembrance and prayer.
Allah says in Surah Al-Baqarah paragraph 186. "When a servant of God ask of God then surely (answer). I was close. I would grant the petition if he begs people to ask God. Then let them fulfill the commandments. "In Surah Al-Araaf verse 55 also says," Pray to the Lord with a humble and gentle voice. Surely God is not like the people who go beyond the limits. "And, already guaranteed a wish come true prayer God through the word of Allah in Surah Al-Mu'min verse 60," Lord said. Ask me. I it certainly grant your request. "

Prayer no derivatives. Among dhikr and seek forgiveness. Both also a very powerful weapon. Many verses and hadiths of Prophet Muhammad which states the primacy of dhikr with thayibah sentences (sentences that either) or forgiveness. Allah says in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 152, "So remembrance me, surely I will remember you." He is the Prophet Muhammad once said, "No good deeds done one son Adam who can save him from the punishment of Allah more than the remembrance of God." (Ahmad bin Hanbal). Another Hadith, "There are two words that loved God lightly spoken, but both are heavy in the scales of God, ie," Subhanallah wa bil hamdihi, subhanallah hil 'azhim. "Most holy God and praise him. Blessed is He and Exalted. (Bukhari and Muslim) The Prophet was asked, "what's most important charity?" He replied, "That is if you are dead, while the tongue remains moist with the remembrance of God."

The power of prayer and remembrance for those who daily wrestle with the severity of the problems of life, should be explored and developed. Therefore, it is our weapons in the face of all these problems. Anyone, as long as he is a Muslim, it is very easy to get. Only with cupped hands, begged something faith that prayer will be granted. However, rarely diaantara why we are doing it?

Powerful Weapons, Muslim Businessman 1

Powerful Weapons, Muslim Businessman 1

"Ora et Labora"

At times, these days, almost everyone recognizes, living increasingly difficult. Said to be difficult because of the narrower employment, while labor is abundant. Look, every year graduate schools, both undergraduate, diploma, or Senior High School graduate, is always booming. In fact, investors create jobs has not increased. Then dikemanakan want the job seekers?

Moreover, in the capitalist economic system, competition is fierce. The free market economy into the motor. Free society is a competitive society (full competition). Good and bad things of victory measured in competing. The results of the competition is the most qualified, ie who has won the competition of the market, as we often hear liberal society adherents of the principle of survival of the fittest (the strongest can survive).

In the world of bisnispun, competition bkan new goods, material goods has become a daily diet. Every waking always think, how menmgalahkan competitors. Moreover, when a product with a product that attack each other. Every work day thinking about how to hit the opponent. Therefore, the conditions of competition as it leads to stress.

Under conditions of competition with the sudden changes, a Muslim should have a handle. Of course, only God handle the various problems. Because only God the Almighty to overturn a state to another state. God is able to raise or sink the powerful and something as easy back your hand. Prophet Muhammad used to pray to God to call, "O Almighty flick reversal heart."

If God easily flip-reversal situation, why we do not ask God to reverse something that we want? How? Of course with prayer. Ask God that is released from the crushing burden of life, ask God that won the competition or hope everything goes smoothly. That weapon Muslims in the face of difficult situations. A businessman, boss and employee both Muslims, it is appropriate to use the weapon of prayer to live their lives.

Ne when there is a state official was lounging at his villa on the waterfront. In front of a variety of delicious dishes-delicious, cakes, fruits including liquor. The incident occurred at the time of Abul Hasan bin Bisyar, a Sufi. See behavior like that Abul Hasan officials gather his congregation rallied in front of the villa by way of reading the Quran aloud. Hear his roar in front of his villa, the waiter came Officers, "What you doing here? You sound very disturbing, "said Abul Hasan replied," Tell your master, do not do misguidance and do so openly. If he does not want to hear, we will kill him! "The waiter came in and deliver it to the officer. Then the officer said, "How could they kill me. I have an army and security forces are many. "Waiter came out and convey the words employer. Abul Hasan said firmly, we will kill him with the 'sword of the night'! The waiter was confused and said, "Does 'sword night' that? Abul Hasan replied, "We will raise their hands, praying to God." After the answer was submitted to the authorities, he was rushed to leave sins are committed. "If that's the gun, nothing else for us to fight."

Prayer, as disclosed preformance hadith is the weapon of the Muslims. Prayer is the greatest form of worship because of the inability of the creature and the Creator signifying strength. God is very much upset if someone never asked the servant to God. Prayer becomes very mulaia worship in God's eyes. Prayer is the essence of worship. As soon as the word of the prophet Muhammad are narrated by Tirmidzi. Therefore, every Muslim, especially the burden of life is too heavy, it is recommended to always pray. Setaip moment, Both in the field and difficult circumstances, in the circumstances and for worse, in a state of quiet and crowded, prayer should never be left in order to improve the lives of not only her world, but also get reward from Allah.

Build a fence, outside the fence 3

Build a fence, outside the fence 3

For office workers, working on something that must be certainly not a problem. Busyness, time constraints, and lack of information (rarely Koran) makes them "no time" practicing the Sunnah. As a result, most of the fort fragile, vulnerable to attack enemies. Then, build a fort with protection around him will strengthen their defenses. Implement Sunnah deeds-deeds will help the process of establishing a strong fortress.

In retrospect, it is actually not the time and opportunity that becomes an issue. Laziness and reluctance that usually makes us not want to do it. Because, no matter how busy, someone must have the free time. Any minimum financial condition, must be left alone. Even though alms and charity Jariyah drawback. At the time of Prophet Muhammad, the friend that charity is not only on the rich.
So, many people are going to heaven. However, because the frequency is very much, sometimes people are lazy to do it. Felt that the sprawling streets, plus an alternative path, then someone ignored in performing worship. No need to wait or wait visited an old disease. Haste while God still give it a chance.

Presumably can be listened to hadith which is very touching. According to Imam Bukhari and Muslim, the Prophet never gave an explanation about the people who are always delaying good deeds. His saying, "Do not look forward to the good deeds, so that if the breath had reached the throat, then you say that this treasure to somebody, who was also for someone else, when those people already have the object (ie already poor again). "And one more horror (hopefully this does not happen) greeting the king of the Prophet," Give alms before it comes a time when you get around to offer alms. The poor people will reject it, saying, "Today we do not need your help. What we need is blood! "Therefore, make full proof of worship. All to ourselves.

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Build a fence, outside the fence 2

Build a fence, outside the fence 2

A husband who wake up at night, then woke his wife and invites tahajud prayers in congregation, then they are recorded as many people chanting. Imam Hasan Basri, Sanqart Fauzi was quoted as saying, "I do not find something in worship that is more terrible than the night prayer."

Constructing a fence of beside Sunnah prayer, another alternative could be to remembrance. Remembering Allah although rarely done easily. In fact, Prophet Muhammad said, "No one's deeds are done to save her son Adam from the Wrath of God exceeds the remembrance of Allah." (Reported by Ahmad ibn Hanbal). According Tabarani, the Prophet once said, "Anyone who wants to just in the gardens of paradise then you should multiply remembrance to Allah."

Sunnah fasting six days in Shawwal also be an "attraction" for ministers of God who wants to worship profits. Prophet Muhammad said, "Whosoever is fasting in Ramadan then forwarded fasting six days in Shawwal then it is like fasting the whole year." Another benefit of fasting is to practice patience, so Nami Muhammad said, "Fasting is half of patience," history according to Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah. Though patience is one of the castle itself. So each member could mutually reinforcing.

Virtue charity is also not less often mentioned in the Quran and hadith. In the history of Bukhari, Muhammad said Nami, "Keep yourselves from the fire though give alms half grain of dates and apabla you do not do so then give charity to clean up good speech." Or hadith of Prophet Muhammad commonly touted those who enlist the help of donations mosque, which he who built the mosque, Allah will make him a palace in Paradise.

Build a fence, outside the fence 1

Build a fence, outside the fence 1

"The best way to run away from evil is to pursue goodness"

Sometimes, so strong a fortress, also fell into enemy hands. How can I fix this, or how to guard suapaya could not knock down the enemy fortress? One answer is to build a fence or additional inding outside the castle. A growing number of increasingly difficult enemies wall will be able to break the defense let alone destroy the last bastion.

Fort in human beings, created by obedience to God. All commands are required, such as the five daily prayers, fasting Ramadan, zakat fitrah or property, Hajj if able, and so on. By doing the obligatory-compulsory course it has formed a strong fortress. If the prayer is still not perfect, or always at the end of time, certainly less strong fort building. Alternatively, there are the prayer intentions of the other, so it can be compared only fort made of pairs at a time. Without cement and bricks, which eventually became his fortress easily damaged by the enemy.

If the fortress is strong, one can strengthen it again.For a precaution, in case the enemy attacked us off guard with the sudden. There is a wisdom of a colleague. He is a young Muslim woman who works as chief accounting in the oil company. Alhamdulillah, in the middle of his career, he received guidance. Originally from bad behavior, she began studying Islam, wearing Muslim dress and train yourself to control lust. After a few years of his faith tested, an informal discussion with his mother when he was. In his discussion of a sudden preoccupation mother threw words make his emotions explode. Spontaneous anger in him, so out old habits argumentative parents. Once realized, he immediately apologized. But the event went very fast, so it can not be anticipated. A tile is one of the less exposed parts seranga suddenly collapsed. The attack is the rage of the devil.

Therefore, although the fort has been strong at times need to be strengthened. If we build the castle walls themselves with deeds shall, create additional fence wall outside the castle is implementing sunnah acts. If one part of the fort is the obligatory prayers is prayer rawati outer fence, Tahajjud prayers, prayers dzuha, istikharah prayers, and so on. If the other side of the castle is fasting then lined again with fasting Mondays and Thursdays, David fasting, fasting Shura and so on. There are many more examples of the fort and the fence.

The function of the fence, in addition to withstand enemy attack, he will keep the castle itself. Therefore, it is impossible that people rawatib or Tahajjud prayers always, but do not pray five times a day. Impossible always alms, but never pay zakat. So, if he builds a fence outside, can certainly have awakened with a strong fortress. Other words, if he did act diligently sunna then that must surely have been executed better. This is the normal logic. Therefore, there may be (maybe one or two people) that violates the logic of such diligent Tahajjud prayer, but prayer is not obligatory alms consistent. Diligent, but never paid zakat, and so on.

In Islam, encouragement or call to make a very strong sunnah deeds. Similarly, mandatory. For example, tahajud prayers. The position of this very major worship, especially to get the station that is closer to the Creator. According to Tirmidhi Hadith narrated by Ahmad, Hakim, and Bayhaqi, the Messenger of Allah has said, "Let you establish prayer that night because the real habit sebelumkalian virtuous people and be a means for you to the Lord approaches and means of removal of disease from the body. In the evening, there are times when prayer is granted. "

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Prayer, Muslims Benchmark 2

Prayer, Muslims Benchmark 2

Prayer in congregation prayer dictated by increasing the reward. Prayers according to Sahih Hadith worth 27 levels compared with their own prayers. That is clear, encouraging people to socializing with the environment. A friend named Amr ibn Umm Maktum asked the Prophet, "O Rasullulah, I am blind and my home away from the mosque, while I do not have a maid who can lead me to walk to the mosque. Is there relief for me shlat at home?. "He replied," Do you hear the call to prayer?. "He replied" Yes ", the Prophet said," I do not find relief (rukhsa) to you. "

Besides congregation, to be achieved in a solemn prayer. The quality of solmn prayers seen. Solemn, meaning focus only to God, to understand the meaning of shlat readings, as well as eliminating any that comes to the heart because of hearing or seeing something. Can be forged with the solemnity of facing Qibla, see the place of prostration, preserve themselves from pictorial objects, and not dither feelings with others. Prophet Muhammad never get rid of the picture after the prayer mat on top. He said, "Verily prayer rug pictorial proficiency level had been dither of my prayer."

The companions of the Holy Prophet and the pious Salaf (the pious earlier) can be used as an example of how they humility in prayer. In closer to Allah book narrated from Muhammad ibn Abi Hatim al-Waraq that Muhammad Ismail be invited to most garden companions. When the Dhuhr prayer, they pray. Then Muhammad Ismail Sunnah prayers and lengthen the prayer. At the time of the prayer is finished, he rolled up the edges of his shirt, so it looks a bee that stung him on his sixteenth place and become swollen due to shock. Bee stings on his body it seemed obvious. Then some of them asked, "Why did you not stop praying when a bee stung the first time?" He said, "Earlier, I was reading one chapter of the Quran and I would rather enhance the passage."

 Compare this with us. Sometimes the sound of the voice was not so hard to turn our attention apada the sound source. Then our minds drifting, to the extent not remember anything that had become open. Such as lost or forgot to put the key, somewhere along the line, at the time of prayer can sometimes be found the key in his memory. Mashallah. Such prayer is certainly far from humility. So like no joke, if you lose something then do pray , God willing, will be met.

Prayers, on time, in congregation, and humility is a means to build strength. Or Islamic spiritual levels will increase. Therefore, prayer is a means of interacting and communicating with a servant of his creator. Someone who communicate intensely in the traditional sense (without the aid of technology) with another person can be ascertained the distance they must close. Moreover, they are very familiar, so that his speech did not need to be hard. That form taqqorub, his approach to Allah.

Most importantly, how busy do not forget to pray. Therefore, prayer is the benchmark. Whatever our profession, whatever our position, do not let the prayer left behind. No need to feel uncomfortable and with other people, especially if they aalah our superiors. Matters of worship is a matter of individual and human rights. How busy and fatigue that often cause stress will disappear. With prayer, the soul will be calm. Thus, a very fitting poem Taufik Ismail frequently heard through Bimbo singer's voice chanting, "Once heard, the call to prayer, the servant fell down again."

Prayer, Muslims Benchmark 1

Prayer, Muslims Benchmark 1

"Finding fortune, seeking knowledge. Measuring the streets all day. As soon as the call to prayer sounded. Back servant fell down. " (Sajadah Panjang, Taufik Ismail)".

For the office, praying not as easy as housewives, teachers, students, or the students. Not because there is a ban. In this era of reform, there is no more forbidden-forbid. However, the views of at least the percentage of people who pray in an office environment (this may only be the case), it can be concluded that there are no difficulties.

Factors that hinder prayer is indeed a lot. Offices which tend materialist world is a major factor, so that a Muslim employee reluctant to pray. Another reason easy like, busy, no place, or place less comfortable (usually placed in the prayer room on the ground floor offices). So, prayer is an expensive item for the business world who are in the offices.

No exaggeration to say that the Islamic content of an employee can be measured from the prayer. Does he pray or not. It was not always like that, but at least there are the indicators or standard benchmarks to see someone Islamic levels. If an employee does not pray, religion certainly chaotic. Although it could be that the person is considered good by others. Meanwhile, if prayer is good, he is not necessarily a good one. But definitely, he is better than the person who does not pray.
There is, those who are diligent prayer, but corruption goes on. Prayer was never absent, but having an affair with another man's wife. There is also considerable, but his lazy diligent prayer. This sort of paradox admittedly there. Such deviations should not be used as standard. Perhaps it was a mistake or even do not know. Accepted bribes from others because it is uncommon and considered a gift. Alone with a man's wife does not violate assessed throughout unrelated entities. Therefore many who interpret affair with the term "beautiful interlude intact family". People who think like that should be given an explanation, so in addition to menyelamatkandirinya, also does not give a negative impression of the religion of Islam, considering himself diligently praying.

In an office, where Muslims who pray less than fifty percent, feels we need to worry. Life and death are highly dependent not only on the sheer professionalism. There are outside factors that have contributed quite large. For example for agribusiness companies, weather problems are very influential. Harvest or famine that makes the price fluctuations can occur at any time. Due to the complexity of the problem, especially of factor "X", then it should stretch out their hands to pray always hope their business smoothly. If few employees who perform their prayers, it is appropriate that the company does not receive a blessing.

In fact, the issue of prayer is the most diwanti cautioned the Prophet. The liability is sara slave communication with God is very strict orders and prohibitions leave. People who want to draw closer to the Creator will try to do so. Moreover, very high reward. Allah says in Surah Al Muminun 9-11 is, "And the people have kept the prayer of those who inherit. Ie inherit heaven paradise. They will abide therein. "Against those who neglect prayer Prophet Muhammad threatened," Whosoever melalikan prayer, Allah will humiliate it. "Or in Surah Al Maa'uun verses 4-5," Woe to those who pray, those people are negligent in prayer. "

If it feels hard to pray, God commanded to be patient. "Instruct your family to pray and be patient for it. We are not asking for a fortune, but it is God who gives fortune. And the ending is good for people who are devoted, "according to Surah Thaahaa: 132.