Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Build a fence, outside the fence 1

Build a fence, outside the fence 1

"The best way to run away from evil is to pursue goodness"

Sometimes, so strong a fortress, also fell into enemy hands. How can I fix this, or how to guard suapaya could not knock down the enemy fortress? One answer is to build a fence or additional inding outside the castle. A growing number of increasingly difficult enemies wall will be able to break the defense let alone destroy the last bastion.

Fort in human beings, created by obedience to God. All commands are required, such as the five daily prayers, fasting Ramadan, zakat fitrah or property, Hajj if able, and so on. By doing the obligatory-compulsory course it has formed a strong fortress. If the prayer is still not perfect, or always at the end of time, certainly less strong fort building. Alternatively, there are the prayer intentions of the other, so it can be compared only fort made of pairs at a time. Without cement and bricks, which eventually became his fortress easily damaged by the enemy.

If the fortress is strong, one can strengthen it again.For a precaution, in case the enemy attacked us off guard with the sudden. There is a wisdom of a colleague. He is a young Muslim woman who works as chief accounting in the oil company. Alhamdulillah, in the middle of his career, he received guidance. Originally from bad behavior, she began studying Islam, wearing Muslim dress and train yourself to control lust. After a few years of his faith tested, an informal discussion with his mother when he was. In his discussion of a sudden preoccupation mother threw words make his emotions explode. Spontaneous anger in him, so out old habits argumentative parents. Once realized, he immediately apologized. But the event went very fast, so it can not be anticipated. A tile is one of the less exposed parts seranga suddenly collapsed. The attack is the rage of the devil.

Therefore, although the fort has been strong at times need to be strengthened. If we build the castle walls themselves with deeds shall, create additional fence wall outside the castle is implementing sunnah acts. If one part of the fort is the obligatory prayers is prayer rawati outer fence, Tahajjud prayers, prayers dzuha, istikharah prayers, and so on. If the other side of the castle is fasting then lined again with fasting Mondays and Thursdays, David fasting, fasting Shura and so on. There are many more examples of the fort and the fence.

The function of the fence, in addition to withstand enemy attack, he will keep the castle itself. Therefore, it is impossible that people rawatib or Tahajjud prayers always, but do not pray five times a day. Impossible always alms, but never pay zakat. So, if he builds a fence outside, can certainly have awakened with a strong fortress. Other words, if he did act diligently sunna then that must surely have been executed better. This is the normal logic. Therefore, there may be (maybe one or two people) that violates the logic of such diligent Tahajjud prayer, but prayer is not obligatory alms consistent. Diligent, but never paid zakat, and so on.

In Islam, encouragement or call to make a very strong sunnah deeds. Similarly, mandatory. For example, tahajud prayers. The position of this very major worship, especially to get the station that is closer to the Creator. According to Tirmidhi Hadith narrated by Ahmad, Hakim, and Bayhaqi, the Messenger of Allah has said, "Let you establish prayer that night because the real habit sebelumkalian virtuous people and be a means for you to the Lord approaches and means of removal of disease from the body. In the evening, there are times when prayer is granted. "

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  1. This indicators that the fence is fragile and may be broken into, subsequently posing a safety. it is critical to make sure which you investigate all the panels about his sufficiently and often. changing the fence wholesale ought to be on the cards simply to be secure you could try this out.