Monday, June 23, 2014

Commanding the good - Roots elongate Generosity

"Trying to Close With God"

"It's good so important., But most importantly a good person".

"Imagery (living incurred by) the people who spend their wealth in Allah's way similar to sebulir seed that grows seven ears, and each ear a hundred grains. Allah multiply the reward whom He will, God, Knowing vast gifts".

"SO ONLY!" said a friend, throwing it to the proposals on the table. "We've accomplished the work he accomplished-begging". Emotion as he continued walked. Apparently her friend had just received a donation of development proposals boarding. It is the eve of Ramadan usually enter several proposals to perushaannya. There is a donation requested the construction of mosques, boarding schools, madrassas, orphanages, and so on.

However reasksi kesewotannya quite surprising. He is indeed a group that does not agree with Muslims asking for donations. Moreover, veiled women in the red light meyodorkan charity boxes, and small santri in public transport. The most he is cursed portals installed in front of the mosque in the various regions, especially in the coast path. 're Tasty-delish speeding, suddenly in the middle of the road people put obstacles in order to slow the vehicle. By using the net they ask for donations. Against them, man this one keki not playing. Therefore, it is not just asking but already disturbing public interest. Until samapai dai think what there is cooperation with the authorities so perbuatanya not punished.

Regardless of the opinion of the pros and cons, let us cultivate generosity in our hearts, do with real deeds.

Suppose Tree

Nature and generous benefactor
Is like a tree, its roots in heaven and its branches hanging in the world.
Those who hold on one of the branches will be brought to heaven.
Stingy and greedy nature and liver
Hell is like tree roots and branches in the world berantungan
Those who hold on one of the branches, will be brought down to hell.
Bersedakahlah you though with a sip of water
For yourself and for the preparation of your dead
If it can not, bersedekahnlah with one verse.
If you do not know anything of the Book God
Pray to Him for mercy and grace

God has promised to grant it.

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