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Madrasah Hadhramaut : Window Bathin

Know, if thou Relax your heart into the page for the comings and goings of various kinds and in such trajectories good or bad in any way, you will never be able to control the actions and deeds forever.

After you maintain the windows of birth which can contaminate the liver, both at day and night, then there are other windows that need our attention. The windows are actually affecting the eye could see, ears to hear, and a tongue in spoken word. The windows of the inner window it is, as already mentioned in the description.

The scholars of mysticism calls the inner windows as al-khawathir, ie trajectories that appear in the liver. This type of window can not be diindra, nor the form of the material.

Each preferred form of obedience that Allah has manifested in the form of other acts of a trajectory that begins in the liver. It crossed obedience in your heart and you do it. Similarly, any immoral wrath of God that has been manifested in the form of action, it was none other than one path that begins in the liver.
Great sins, transgression, iniquity, injustice, and all kezhaliman that many humans do a lot, from where it came from? It is the origin of all trajectories that is in their hearts and fulfill the call paths. The trajectories are the windows to the inner heart that comes from the heart itself. And these windows have four sources:
First, from an-nafs (lust), called al-hawa (desire or craving).

Tracks sourced from lust-called "lust". In the middle of the dry summer, for example, you middle obligatory fasting. At the same time you see the cool and cold water. What is desired by deceiving? Sure you want to eng-gulping water. Where da-tangnya track it? Running it comes from passion, from the needs of lust, lust of desire.
Someone with mock you with jeers necessarily painful, of course you want to get slapped. Come to you to slap her path. Where the path for me slap it come? Running it comes from passion, desire lust, lust of the act.
Second, from the devil, as in the hadith, "Satan was giving hearts whisper to the children of Adam. When he dhikr of Allah, the devil will put it off. But when he forgot of dhikr of Allah, Satan will again whispered. "
Tracks sourced from this devil called al-anxious (whisper), as in the words of Allah, "From crime waswasil khannas (whisper usual demons hiding)." - Surah An-Nas (114): 4.
Third, from the angels, as mentioned in the hadeeth issued by Imam As-Suyuti from the Prophet, he said, "Satan has adam whisper to the child, and in fact the whisper angels have anyway. The whisper of a demon is brought disrepute and denial of the truth, was the whisper of angels are the good and the recognition of the truth. Therefore anyone get that kind of whisper (goodness), you know, actually it comes from God, then praise God; and whoever get whisper apart from the (evil), memohonlah refuge in Allah from Satan. "
From this base, the scholars then called demons whisper and whisper the name waswasah lummatul angel by the name Malak.
Fourth, from al-khawathir (trajectories) that comes directly from Allah SWT that is implanted into the liver.

All it does is the essence of the track comes from Allah, whether as tragedy or a blessing, either as a test or a gift. But outside sources that have been mentioned are trajectories Allah instilled directly into the heart of a servant of the believer manifests his side.

Running this kind of the scholars call it "inspiration", as Allah SWT says, "And for the sake of the soul as well as the consummation, God inspires the soul it (the road) and ketaqwaannya wickedness." - Surah Ash-Shams (91): 7-8.

Trajectories in the heart of a salik very much, even in the heart of every man upon this earth. When you try to control the trajectory that comes in your heart at a time, notice how the track is going to come at that moment in your heart?
At the time you feel thirsty, come track in your heart, "Go and drink!" Then come again another track, "But I have to hurry, so and so promised to come, I had to immediately greet him." Come again another trajectory , "Well, how could I forget the show-so ... all in place again?" And so on, came successive trajectory in such a wide variety in your hearts, to the extent that an education expert has said, a day and night more than 70,000 trajectories come into the heart of a human being.
It is important for a salik to God in preserving his heart is how he was able to bring the trajectories goodness, listen carefully, and then fill it, and how that he was able to turn away from the ugliness trajectories and take it off. By doing so, God willing, you will be able to understand the nature of which can cause and bring impulses to getting closer to Allah SWT.

Trajectories coming from the source of goodness will broaden the understanding and view of the heart to kindness and thereafter he wants a favor. Trajectories that brought disrepute whisper, if you do not stop him from your heart, if you do not treat it, if you do not mean it in the curb, and if you do not keep your heart from all the membentenginya nor will constantly attack- against heart attacks and deceiving to do evil.

A Reflection

Next let us ponder together. We reflect on how your level of influence the trajectories of the liver. Let us consider the situation we are in today.
In today's age, since the early days someone has been busy with various activities. Since morning, someone had to wrestle with activity, from traffic jams, office tasks, tasks seminars, coursework, personal affairs, appointments with relationships, dealing with clients, and so on. Come night time, he was already tired, because a day of work and on the move. Without realizing it, life goes on so fast. Day by day, month turned into months, and even years have changed years.
The fact he did as a routine has unwittingly taken part by part from him. He woke up in the morning and back to the bed at night without knowing how to properly care for him. No day nor night.

We see most of the youth. They were engrossed asleep, do not know where they will go. On the street, fun-masyuk penchant for listening to music, from one song to the next song. They're busy, and when they are thinking? When will sit down to contemplate the future of life?

In this discussion, we are not talking about the prohibition of listening to certain songs. Which became the talk we are bagaima someone had plunged himself into the rotation of the wheel of life with the way it was on all the time, from one activity to another activity, to the bustle of a busy life next. This is the real problem. Therefore, it might be someone listening to a beautiful song with poetry that inspires the heart to him closer to God, or at least help in undergoing routine. This is not a problem.

But when someone's life has been imprinted on the situation and the fact such, although with such a variety of activities, even more than that, supposing that listens to songs that are not forbidden nor disputed legal though, and even let a person spends all his time for various busyness to not find the time to think about trajectories that come in his heart, this is the problem.
So what is required? Demanded is how one can move away from the life he had lived like that, that is how reality that has been surrounding himself to remind the other life, the life hereafter.

Try a little peek at the back and look at the fact that we now live. What is important for us, as long as we walk towards God, say, "I'm not willing to be swept away when the life. I will carry out my duty as quickly as possible. When I was a student, I would be a high-achieving student, but not because of anything, but because I have a goal of high achievement, namely taqarub to God. If I were a merchant, I should be the best trader, because I have a goal, and the goal is taqarub to God. When I was an architect, a clerk, and others, will live together in society, but my heart is with God. "

Meaning "my heart with God" which removes all the bad things that come to track heart.

For that we need a desire to understand the lesson after this. Say, "There will never let come, the day or night, to track my heart like it except I have a purpose."
Know, if thou Relax your heart into the page for the comings and goings of various kinds and in such trajectories good or bad in any way, you will never be able to control the actions and deeds forever. Someone once complained, he said, "I have been attending to the various assemblies of this kind, was sometimes crying my eyes and my heart melted because the longing to come to God, and I was determined to istiqamah after that. But after two-three days, all of it is gone from me. Why? "

It's because something is making you lose all of that, it also has made you back to what you have to repent of it (immoral), to take you back to the omission, and who also forget the meaning taraqqi (reaching a high position with Allah SWT). Something it is that your heart be open to the page that the comings and goings of various trajectories such goodness and badness. You do not have a filter that can allow the entry of the track is good and preventing bad trajectories.
Having understood this lesson, we have to do is serious in controlling the trajectories in our hearts to receive the trajectory path kindness and reject or turn away from the path of vices.

Different displacement

What would you do if the track it has passed, turned into understanding, and then to act? You have committed an act that you yourself do not want to do that?
When that happens, you sit down and ponder how your up to it.

"I'm guilty to So and so the speech because I let myself go with him in a conversation that I should not participate in it."

Why? "Because I received a trajectory that is in my heart. Running it says, 'I have to straighten it, I was more intense in the understanding, and I'm good at arguing over'. "

If you have already begun framing yourself with this kind of reflection in a series of control trajectories in the liver, which you convince yourself that you have a lot of heart trajectories that need to be controlled, after which you will be able to receive to understand the various scales to measure the trajectories as a form of mujahadatun nafs (heart struggles), which coupled with the reliance of self to God and submit to Him. So, undoubtedly you will see yourself going to move in your life with different displacement than before. You will move from the circumstances of a man walking with trajectories that directs it to wherever, and however it is shaped, to a state of a believer who is able to control and direct trajectories him how it should be run.

May Allah grant us all the best of action in the face of trajectories that comes to preformance heart....

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