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Prayer, Muslims Benchmark 1

Prayer, Muslims Benchmark 1

"Finding fortune, seeking knowledge. Measuring the streets all day. As soon as the call to prayer sounded. Back servant fell down. " (Sajadah Panjang, Taufik Ismail)".

For the office, praying not as easy as housewives, teachers, students, or the students. Not because there is a ban. In this era of reform, there is no more forbidden-forbid. However, the views of at least the percentage of people who pray in an office environment (this may only be the case), it can be concluded that there are no difficulties.

Factors that hinder prayer is indeed a lot. Offices which tend materialist world is a major factor, so that a Muslim employee reluctant to pray. Another reason easy like, busy, no place, or place less comfortable (usually placed in the prayer room on the ground floor offices). So, prayer is an expensive item for the business world who are in the offices.

No exaggeration to say that the Islamic content of an employee can be measured from the prayer. Does he pray or not. It was not always like that, but at least there are the indicators or standard benchmarks to see someone Islamic levels. If an employee does not pray, religion certainly chaotic. Although it could be that the person is considered good by others. Meanwhile, if prayer is good, he is not necessarily a good one. But definitely, he is better than the person who does not pray.
There is, those who are diligent prayer, but corruption goes on. Prayer was never absent, but having an affair with another man's wife. There is also considerable, but his lazy diligent prayer. This sort of paradox admittedly there. Such deviations should not be used as standard. Perhaps it was a mistake or even do not know. Accepted bribes from others because it is uncommon and considered a gift. Alone with a man's wife does not violate assessed throughout unrelated entities. Therefore many who interpret affair with the term "beautiful interlude intact family". People who think like that should be given an explanation, so in addition to menyelamatkandirinya, also does not give a negative impression of the religion of Islam, considering himself diligently praying.

In an office, where Muslims who pray less than fifty percent, feels we need to worry. Life and death are highly dependent not only on the sheer professionalism. There are outside factors that have contributed quite large. For example for agribusiness companies, weather problems are very influential. Harvest or famine that makes the price fluctuations can occur at any time. Due to the complexity of the problem, especially of factor "X", then it should stretch out their hands to pray always hope their business smoothly. If few employees who perform their prayers, it is appropriate that the company does not receive a blessing.

In fact, the issue of prayer is the most diwanti cautioned the Prophet. The liability is sara slave communication with God is very strict orders and prohibitions leave. People who want to draw closer to the Creator will try to do so. Moreover, very high reward. Allah says in Surah Al Muminun 9-11 is, "And the people have kept the prayer of those who inherit. Ie inherit heaven paradise. They will abide therein. "Against those who neglect prayer Prophet Muhammad threatened," Whosoever melalikan prayer, Allah will humiliate it. "Or in Surah Al Maa'uun verses 4-5," Woe to those who pray, those people are negligent in prayer. "

If it feels hard to pray, God commanded to be patient. "Instruct your family to pray and be patient for it. We are not asking for a fortune, but it is God who gives fortune. And the ending is good for people who are devoted, "according to Surah Thaahaa: 132.

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