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Fruit clarity Hearts

My brothers and sisters, it is fortunate for anyone who is able to organize qolbunya be clear, clear, clean, and safe. Really happy and impressed in case anyone has qolbu orderly, well-maintained, and well maintained as well as possible. Because in addition to always feel the spaciousness, tranquility, serenity, coolness, and the beauty of living in this world, radiant clarity would be tersemburat also of the beauty of each activity undertaken.

Imagine, a person whose heart is well ordered, his face would be much more clear. Like the dew hanging on the end of the leaves in the morning then sunny terpancari the cool morning sun; clear, bright, cool, and refreshing. Not excessive if everyone will feel good owners face staring at a bright, cheerful, full of genuine smiles like this painting.

Similarly, when he said, his words will be cleared of wounding, away from the words of boasting, moreover he maintained from riya words, Subhan Allah. Every item that comes out of his verbal word that is already well this, it will feel loaded with wisdom, loaded with meaning, and full of mamfaat. Said he pithy and valuable. This is the fruit of a bubble in her heart desires most in the always happy for other people.

Health body was terpancari also by the liver clarity, the fruit of his ability to organize qolbu. Heart rate be maintained, awake blood pressure, reduced tension, and the conditions themselves are always filled with peace. Not too much if the body becomes healthier, fresher, and more fit. Of course a healthy body and fresh as this would be far more likely to do much to the people.

People who clear the liver, any reasonable mind will be much clearer. For him there is no bad time to think for a moment nevertheless. Especially thinking of menzhalimi others, had not come across dibenaknya. Time is very precious to him. How could something valuable is used for things that are not valuable? What a folly that is not measurable. Therefore in living every second that passes she summoned all of his life to complete each task. No exaggeration berbening people like this will be easier to understand every problem, it is easier to absorb a variety of science, and more intelligent in performing a variety of creative thinking. Subhanallah, the liver turns clear optimal solution has yielded a variety of capabilities reasonable mind.

As a result, people who had arranged her is the person who has successfully pioneered the sake tread tread the path to goodness no surprise when he was in a relationship with fellow human beings becomes something very impressive. Clean heart create beautiful radiated from her character fascinating, humble, and full of politeness. Anyone who met will feel a deep impression, anyone who meet will have various mamfaat goodness, even when split up though, someone like this into a fruit that is not easily forgotten memories.

And, Heavens, above all, clarity hatipun it can make a relationship with God to be exceptional mamfaatnya. Armed with a deep conviction, remembering and calling him all the time, believe and practice his verses, make her to be calm and serene. Consequently, he became more familiar with God, worship more feels good and tasty. Similarly, prayer-do'anya be outstanding mustajabnya. Mustajabnya prayers will certainly be a solution to the problems they face life. And the most remarkable is the gift of encounter with God Almighty in the Hereafter, Allahu Akbar.

In short the people who clean heart, tremendous joy, incredible happy, noble and outstanding. Not only in this world, but also in the hereafter. Rindukah not we have a pure heart?

Please compare with people who behave contrary; evil-minded, chaotic, and disheveled. His face moping, dull, and always seemed restless and uneasy. The words were cruel, rude, and curt. His heart was always littered with prejudice, resentment, cunning, did not want to compromise, easily offended, not happy to see others happy, files, and other heart disease continuous piling up, making it difficult to remove. It's no exaggeration when his behavior became abject and contemptible, far from honorable behavior, more than that, his body becomes susceptible to disease. Fruit rot diseases of the heart, the fruit of mental stress, and fruits of various hue exhausted mind buffeted by life issues. In addition, any reasonable mind becomes narrower and even more to think about kezhaliman.

Therefore, for the rotten heart at all no time to grow science. All the time expires is used only to spew his dislike to others. Not surprisingly, the relationship with God becomes shattered, worship is no longer to be delicious and even become damaged and dry. More losses again, it becomes far from the grace of God. Result was clear, prayer becomes ijabah (granted), and miscellaneous problems immediately came over, naudzubillaah (we seek refuge in Allah).

It turned out that only the losses and the losses are found to be rotten. How unfortunately. Allah was appropriate in this case has reminded us in a word to him, "Truly successful who purifies the soul. And actually lost the person who contaminated." (Q.S. ash-Sham [91]: 9-10).

Remember my brother, live only once and who knows we'll soon die. Let us together join the ranks of those who continue to improve themselves, and hopefully we are an early example of how to make life beautiful and Achievement with clear hearts, God willing.

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