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Powerful Weapons, Muslim Businessman 1

Powerful Weapons, Muslim Businessman 1

"Ora et Labora"

At times, these days, almost everyone recognizes, living increasingly difficult. Said to be difficult because of the narrower employment, while labor is abundant. Look, every year graduate schools, both undergraduate, diploma, or Senior High School graduate, is always booming. In fact, investors create jobs has not increased. Then dikemanakan want the job seekers?

Moreover, in the capitalist economic system, competition is fierce. The free market economy into the motor. Free society is a competitive society (full competition). Good and bad things of victory measured in competing. The results of the competition is the most qualified, ie who has won the competition of the market, as we often hear liberal society adherents of the principle of survival of the fittest (the strongest can survive).

In the world of bisnispun, competition bkan new goods, material goods has become a daily diet. Every waking always think, how menmgalahkan competitors. Moreover, when a product with a product that attack each other. Every work day thinking about how to hit the opponent. Therefore, the conditions of competition as it leads to stress.

Under conditions of competition with the sudden changes, a Muslim should have a handle. Of course, only God handle the various problems. Because only God the Almighty to overturn a state to another state. God is able to raise or sink the powerful and something as easy back your hand. Prophet Muhammad used to pray to God to call, "O Almighty flick reversal heart."

If God easily flip-reversal situation, why we do not ask God to reverse something that we want? How? Of course with prayer. Ask God that is released from the crushing burden of life, ask God that won the competition or hope everything goes smoothly. That weapon Muslims in the face of difficult situations. A businessman, boss and employee both Muslims, it is appropriate to use the weapon of prayer to live their lives.

Ne when there is a state official was lounging at his villa on the waterfront. In front of a variety of delicious dishes-delicious, cakes, fruits including liquor. The incident occurred at the time of Abul Hasan bin Bisyar, a Sufi. See behavior like that Abul Hasan officials gather his congregation rallied in front of the villa by way of reading the Quran aloud. Hear his roar in front of his villa, the waiter came Officers, "What you doing here? You sound very disturbing, "said Abul Hasan replied," Tell your master, do not do misguidance and do so openly. If he does not want to hear, we will kill him! "The waiter came in and deliver it to the officer. Then the officer said, "How could they kill me. I have an army and security forces are many. "Waiter came out and convey the words employer. Abul Hasan said firmly, we will kill him with the 'sword of the night'! The waiter was confused and said, "Does 'sword night' that? Abul Hasan replied, "We will raise their hands, praying to God." After the answer was submitted to the authorities, he was rushed to leave sins are committed. "If that's the gun, nothing else for us to fight."

Prayer, as disclosed preformance hadith is the weapon of the Muslims. Prayer is the greatest form of worship because of the inability of the creature and the Creator signifying strength. God is very much upset if someone never asked the servant to God. Prayer becomes very mulaia worship in God's eyes. Prayer is the essence of worship. As soon as the word of the prophet Muhammad are narrated by Tirmidzi. Therefore, every Muslim, especially the burden of life is too heavy, it is recommended to always pray. Setaip moment, Both in the field and difficult circumstances, in the circumstances and for worse, in a state of quiet and crowded, prayer should never be left in order to improve the lives of not only her world, but also get reward from Allah.

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