Monday, June 23, 2014

Natural Beauty Secrets of Muslim Women

Natural Beauty Secrets of Muslim Women

As a woman, you need to know the tips and secrets to look beautiful naturally as a Muslim woman. For natural beauty selalunya not expensive, Islam has set a lot of things, including health and beauty for women. Muslim woman's natural beauty secrets are essentially derived from the inner beauty. For as beautiful as physical beauty, not accompanied with inner beauty, the beauty that will last only a few times only aliases are not immortal. Muslim woman's natural beauty secrets beauty combines two pretty important for women, the outer and inner beauty. Or more often described as inner beauty.

For more details, here are some natural beauty tips and secrets that Muslim women can try to improve the quality of your self beauty;

Ablution is a secret Muslim woman's natural beauty which is quite remarkable. Until now only the ablution not worship any routine work. Ablution to have remarkable properties to maintain the health and beauty of skin. A research states that skin face wash routine as much as five times a day to prevent the occurrence of skin cancer as well as a facial that helps to clean the skin. Thus the Muslim woman's natural beauty secrets will shine clearly.

Wearing black. Natural beauty secrets other Muslim women is to wear eye shadow as disunnahkan by the Prophet. Wearing eyeliner was not only going to beautify the eyes, but also able to protect the eyes and maintain eye health.

Diligent cleansing his teeth. Is a tradition of the Prophet in cleansing his teeth, teeth cleaning at any time by using Siwak wood. The Muslim woman may follow the Prophet's ways to maintain the health and quality gear.

Hijab beautify. Besides Hijab is Islamic law also serves to protect the body and the hair and the head of a woman from direct sunlight exposure. Contact sunlight that occurs continuously will result in the risk of skin cancer. Hijab is equipped with a veil is also useful to protect the beauty of a woman's face. Leather over time will become white and appear cleaner

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