Saturday, June 28, 2014

Build a fence, outside the fence 3

Build a fence, outside the fence 3

For office workers, working on something that must be certainly not a problem. Busyness, time constraints, and lack of information (rarely Koran) makes them "no time" practicing the Sunnah. As a result, most of the fort fragile, vulnerable to attack enemies. Then, build a fort with protection around him will strengthen their defenses. Implement Sunnah deeds-deeds will help the process of establishing a strong fortress.

In retrospect, it is actually not the time and opportunity that becomes an issue. Laziness and reluctance that usually makes us not want to do it. Because, no matter how busy, someone must have the free time. Any minimum financial condition, must be left alone. Even though alms and charity Jariyah drawback. At the time of Prophet Muhammad, the friend that charity is not only on the rich.
So, many people are going to heaven. However, because the frequency is very much, sometimes people are lazy to do it. Felt that the sprawling streets, plus an alternative path, then someone ignored in performing worship. No need to wait or wait visited an old disease. Haste while God still give it a chance.

Presumably can be listened to hadith which is very touching. According to Imam Bukhari and Muslim, the Prophet never gave an explanation about the people who are always delaying good deeds. His saying, "Do not look forward to the good deeds, so that if the breath had reached the throat, then you say that this treasure to somebody, who was also for someone else, when those people already have the object (ie already poor again). "And one more horror (hopefully this does not happen) greeting the king of the Prophet," Give alms before it comes a time when you get around to offer alms. The poor people will reject it, saying, "Today we do not need your help. What we need is blood! "Therefore, make full proof of worship. All to ourselves.

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