Saturday, June 21, 2014

A drop of dew in the Morning 2

Morning dew on the tip of the leaf perched memamng we often see. Yet we rarely notice. Kept waking dawn prayer, a moment of exercise, shower, eat, then go straight to work. Routines and bustle as it has made us like robots that have been programmed town owners. Especially for those who are bound by a schedule, shuttle, bus ride or a friend. Morning, they felt very short. Even sarapanpun often done on the road or at the office upon arrival.

A drop of dew did go unnoticed. Though dew agi is part of the Divine signs. A sign among the signs of the expiration of the dark night, and was replaced by future bright daylight. Another sign, of course, is obvious as the rising of the sun, cock crowing, and the disappearance of animal noises at night. But the arrival of the dew be unique. Unlike the other morning dew may take longer we view and note.

Dew bodes start of the day with clarity. Leave a minute to look at and ponder Ponder anything, but one direction: Clarity. What will we do today must be based on a clear mind and a clean heart. Sempatkanlah feel the chill dew. Feel the morning breeze. Smell the fresh air deeply. As he uttered, "Thank God, what a great blessing you have given us, O Allah". Then start by reading Basmalah day activities.

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