Monday, June 23, 2014

Istighfar, without rotating beads 1

Istighfar, without rotating beads

"He who rested in the afternoon after work so he struggled in the afternoon it was in a state of getting forgiveness of God" (al-Hadith)

A friend in the office are always complaining. Start of office conditions do not support, frequently check-choke with boss, career were deemed very slowly, whereas ten years he has worked there, got the chance COP (car Ownership Program) will be missed, because the faction is not nyampai. Up to fatigue working in the office. The condition was, when he got home from work at night. It occurred to the question, what to look for? Finally conclusion round, had to find work elsewhere! In his mind, the ideal office is a company that can pay big, fast career, people are cooperative, close to home, and the benefits are many-allowance. It is almost certain the company as it is one of a thousand.

An anecdote, we often hear the following. Someone asked him to prospective boss, in an interview that if he gets health insurance. Said the prospective employer, the company does provide insurance, but the premiums deducted from his salary. "In the first place I worked, all the responsibility of the company". Said the man. "What about life insurance," asked the prospective employer. "The Muga their dependents." Then the man said "And not only that, but we also get unlimited credits, up to three weeks leave, bonuses and year-end holidays, free coffee drink.." immediately interrupted "Then why you leave that great company? "said prospective employer. "The company went bankrupt," he said simply. Of course, such a company is like a dream. There is, but hard to find. Even if we can not necessarily see entry into employees.

Investigate a investigate a disgruntled friend did have a personal problem. That is not always satisfied. The explanation is actually logical, effort and struggle to come to the office, then work hard and come home at night did not seem comparable to salaries and class that he received. Not nyucuk, said the Javanese. Therefore, he felt squeezed and diekploitisir by the company.

In one occasion, an Islamic discussion occurs. It is mentioned in a Hadith. "Those who rest in the afternoon after work so he struggled was in the afternoon that the state received forgiveness of God."

Explanation of the hadith was apparently hit. Someone who went to work in the morning, if it went into the fields for farmers, go to the sea for fishing, going to the market for merchants, go to the office for employees and so on then work hard and come home in the afternoon, and then he breaks wind down the rest This is calculated as a time for forgiveness. Same thing with people who say that forgiveness all the time. While the rest after work also "istighfar". It's just istigfar without rotating beads.

Mashallah, he said. So beautiful teachings of Islam. Enjoying a break from work for a living while drinking hot coffee, eating fried bananas, or joking with his wife and children, all of them equal in value to the person sitting in the mosque for prayer beads rotate istighfar. Provided that the rest are not filled with something that smells immoral or who would distance themselves from God.

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