Saturday, June 21, 2014

Straightening Intention 1 : Determine the Design of Deeds

Tailor pattern.

For Handy, owner of Custom Abie, tailor officials and executives in the era, measure and make a pattern is the most important thing in sewing clothes. When measuring the body of former Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Gen. (ret.) Wiranto made suit, it does so with great accuracy. "There is a fear of measuring juice", he said when interviewed by a reporter. Tailors who have worked on clothing orders officials, including Mr. Abeng, Muladi Laksono, and Idris is keeping the trust by providing good quality of the seams.

A seamstress, sewing clothes before starting work, he first measured the body and clothing owners make the pattern on the fabric. It could be because too often, sometimes a tailor does not need to make a pattern. But when one cut, then menyesalah it. Moreover, these fabrics are expensive and belong to famous people. Then, measure and make a pattern before making clothing becomes of paramount importance. Besides, will not go wrong, it will facilitate tailor implementation.

Similarly, in the act of doing something. Proclaimed intention before starting the job as well as making a pattern. A fabric will be cut and made garments such as what, depending on the pattern. If the pattern is like the intention, then the clothing is the result of such actions. Good or garment depends on the pattern and the way the process. When the pattern is good, but not an expert tailor so clothes produced necessarily bad.

Similarly, if the tailor proficient, but do not measure or make patterns, then certainly the result is a mess, or at least not according to customer requested. Both the poor jobs depend on the intentions and the way to do it. That is what the Messenger of Allah, in his famous hadith about the intentions. He said
"Innamal a'malu binniaat". Indeed each of deeds depends on intentions. Each person will get something based on intentions ".

Then he continued, "Those who emigrated for Allah and His Apostle =, then emigration will get reward from Allah and His Messenger. He who emigrated because the world or did he marry a woman, then he got what he purposes ".

All all done starting from the intention and all because Allah alone.

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