Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Build a fence, outside the fence 2

Build a fence, outside the fence 2

A husband who wake up at night, then woke his wife and invites tahajud prayers in congregation, then they are recorded as many people chanting. Imam Hasan Basri, Sanqart Fauzi was quoted as saying, "I do not find something in worship that is more terrible than the night prayer."

Constructing a fence of beside Sunnah prayer, another alternative could be to remembrance. Remembering Allah although rarely done easily. In fact, Prophet Muhammad said, "No one's deeds are done to save her son Adam from the Wrath of God exceeds the remembrance of Allah." (Reported by Ahmad ibn Hanbal). According Tabarani, the Prophet once said, "Anyone who wants to just in the gardens of paradise then you should multiply remembrance to Allah."

Sunnah fasting six days in Shawwal also be an "attraction" for ministers of God who wants to worship profits. Prophet Muhammad said, "Whosoever is fasting in Ramadan then forwarded fasting six days in Shawwal then it is like fasting the whole year." Another benefit of fasting is to practice patience, so Nami Muhammad said, "Fasting is half of patience," history according to Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah. Though patience is one of the castle itself. So each member could mutually reinforcing.

Virtue charity is also not less often mentioned in the Quran and hadith. In the history of Bukhari, Muhammad said Nami, "Keep yourselves from the fire though give alms half grain of dates and apabla you do not do so then give charity to clean up good speech." Or hadith of Prophet Muhammad commonly touted those who enlist the help of donations mosque, which he who built the mosque, Allah will make him a palace in Paradise.

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