Saturday, June 21, 2014

A drop of dew in the Morning 3

Life, for someone always leaves a big question, what the hell are we looking for? Simple language, what our purpose of life? We live indeed have a purpose. And if the purpose of life may be generalized cuman one, is happy. Happy life. It seemed there was no other purpose for man still breathed, apart from wanting happiness. There are various ways and means to achieve happiness. Or in other words, how the so-called happy. Until this region, each person is not the same.

There is a happy through treasure. Originally duitnya much, he is happy. There is money in the bag, legalah already. There are happy for women. If he is surrounded by beautiful women, world in heaven. Is no longer wishes. That was the peak of happiness. Still others regard the position as a means to achieve happiness. For example, it occupies a certain position, he be satisfied. Let a little money, plus she ugly nag, he held the rank of a happy home. At the moment the respect that he received for the position, happiness will always appear.

Happiness is a Muslim should be different. A true Muslim would feel happy if God ridhlo against him. So Mardhatillah was something he was looking for, because therein lies happiness. If he does something that makes God ridhla any form and results, then he will feel happy. Otherwise, the behavior and actions displeased Allah then direct him to lose happiness. Himself dogged by poor and sadness.

By repentance and doing good deeds in lieu then happiness will arise again. That is the purpose of the life of a Muslim.

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