Monday, June 23, 2014

A building is named Charity.

A building is named Charity

Charitable deeds is like a building. Someone who wants to build a building, the first action is to draw the building design. What kind of shape, material-Cloth is made up of what, and how much money is spent to complete the building stands. Unlike a building with another building is the main form. The shape of the building is determined first by the architect's drawings. If he drew houses, of course the result will be home. If the results are drawn mosque mosque. If drawn, the results storey building multi-storey building as well. Formulate form building is the most important thing in the work began to build.

Similarly, the act of charity. Each work is done in humans, especially a Muslim, should be formulated first goal. Will it be a house, building or mosque and sebaginya. Formulation of objectives that will produce the job. The formulation of the deeds is the intention. Form of action taken is the result of that intention. That is what the Messenger of Allah swt delivered: that "Every charitable act depends on his intentions" and "everyone will get something based on intentions".

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