Saturday, June 21, 2014

A drop of dew in the Morning 1

That Indonesia is now experiencing a crisis. There's no denying the economic crisis that spread to a crisis of confidence and moral crisis this nation has been flushed with water ordeal really heavy rain. Hunger, fear. Stress until death haunts everyday life. Even some who eventually became a friend to make the ordeal alive because it was so unfamiliar. Therefore, a crisis which was originally thought to be a bad dream (nightmare) turned out not lost, despite waking up from sleep. As a result, the crisis is already into the scenery and daily breakfast.

The effect, obviously there are good and some are bad. The bad certainly not be overstated because it has been often seen in the front of the eye. The positive reaction to this crisis needs to be disseminated. Wisdom contained in the coming exams barrage, this great nation should be stocked everywhere. That this nation is getting unruly, impatient positive thinking, bounced back completing the Problem.

One of the lessons of the crisis that hit the country particularly for Muslims, is the willingness to re-see, learn, and apply its teachings. Especially for lay Muslims who had only a Moslem Identity to begin practicing Islamic values.

Little by little grandiose, but it appears there keajuannya. Examples are easily seen is the increasing number of groups who study the Koran starting from scratch. Iqro method which has been offering the system to read the Qur'an easily and quickly seems to have become a mandatory reference for novice learners in various places. Another example, has been circulating a lot of religious books, especially with regard to addressing the problems of life.

Not the least of the middle class who looked literature on Islamic mysticism. Particularly with respect to liver problems and behavior (morals). But for the office, businessmen, and middle class with a limited understanding of Islam would be difficult to study the treasures of the books, or at least not make doubt and fear in reading and understanding, in addition to lack of time is certainly an issue. They took readings are easily digested in accordance with the abilities and understanding. They also need to "vent" to solve the problems faced by Islamic way. And, importantly, the illustrations depict the real life day-to-day. Not far in the clouds that make them have to take pains to transfer them to their own experiences in everyday life.

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