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Prayer, Muslims Benchmark 2

Prayer, Muslims Benchmark 2

Prayer in congregation prayer dictated by increasing the reward. Prayers according to Sahih Hadith worth 27 levels compared with their own prayers. That is clear, encouraging people to socializing with the environment. A friend named Amr ibn Umm Maktum asked the Prophet, "O Rasullulah, I am blind and my home away from the mosque, while I do not have a maid who can lead me to walk to the mosque. Is there relief for me shlat at home?. "He replied," Do you hear the call to prayer?. "He replied" Yes ", the Prophet said," I do not find relief (rukhsa) to you. "

Besides congregation, to be achieved in a solemn prayer. The quality of solmn prayers seen. Solemn, meaning focus only to God, to understand the meaning of shlat readings, as well as eliminating any that comes to the heart because of hearing or seeing something. Can be forged with the solemnity of facing Qibla, see the place of prostration, preserve themselves from pictorial objects, and not dither feelings with others. Prophet Muhammad never get rid of the picture after the prayer mat on top. He said, "Verily prayer rug pictorial proficiency level had been dither of my prayer."

The companions of the Holy Prophet and the pious Salaf (the pious earlier) can be used as an example of how they humility in prayer. In closer to Allah book narrated from Muhammad ibn Abi Hatim al-Waraq that Muhammad Ismail be invited to most garden companions. When the Dhuhr prayer, they pray. Then Muhammad Ismail Sunnah prayers and lengthen the prayer. At the time of the prayer is finished, he rolled up the edges of his shirt, so it looks a bee that stung him on his sixteenth place and become swollen due to shock. Bee stings on his body it seemed obvious. Then some of them asked, "Why did you not stop praying when a bee stung the first time?" He said, "Earlier, I was reading one chapter of the Quran and I would rather enhance the passage."

 Compare this with us. Sometimes the sound of the voice was not so hard to turn our attention apada the sound source. Then our minds drifting, to the extent not remember anything that had become open. Such as lost or forgot to put the key, somewhere along the line, at the time of prayer can sometimes be found the key in his memory. Mashallah. Such prayer is certainly far from humility. So like no joke, if you lose something then do pray , God willing, will be met.

Prayers, on time, in congregation, and humility is a means to build strength. Or Islamic spiritual levels will increase. Therefore, prayer is a means of interacting and communicating with a servant of his creator. Someone who communicate intensely in the traditional sense (without the aid of technology) with another person can be ascertained the distance they must close. Moreover, they are very familiar, so that his speech did not need to be hard. That form taqqorub, his approach to Allah.

Most importantly, how busy do not forget to pray. Therefore, prayer is the benchmark. Whatever our profession, whatever our position, do not let the prayer left behind. No need to feel uncomfortable and with other people, especially if they aalah our superiors. Matters of worship is a matter of individual and human rights. How busy and fatigue that often cause stress will disappear. With prayer, the soul will be calm. Thus, a very fitting poem Taufik Ismail frequently heard through Bimbo singer's voice chanting, "Once heard, the call to prayer, the servant fell down again."

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