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Reaching happiness by ark ark science

The knowledge that will raise the degree of owner in the world and the hereafter. Not because of power, wealth, nor any other kind. And it also adds to the glory of science could even raise the degree of a slave to be glorious.

Indeed Allaah with His providence and wisdom has created the world and everything in it as a temporary haven for humans. In order for them to stop by for a while, to take supplies science and charity towards eternal happiness hereafter. Therefore it is not God's earth and provide full facilities of this, but as a means of supporting worship. Similarly, God created man as caliph with a view to the prosperity of the earth to worship Him and Him alone.

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says:

"Remember when your Lord said to the angels:" Behold, I will make a Kholifah on earth. "They said:" Why do you want to make Kholifah on earth that person who will make mischief therein and shed blood, while we always praises you and purify you? The Lord said: "Verily I know what ye know not." (Al-Baqarah: 30-32)
Creation of human events is a major event and contains very great wisdom. Contained in these verses avail him some science.

First, Verily Allah the Exalted denied suggestions the angels: "How He (God) made man on the earth, when we are more obedient than they? And God replied" I am more aware of anything that you do not know. "God answers they question him more knowing that the core issues and the nature (human created). And He is Knower, Wise. Indeed obvious to God that He created caliph of the creature is good, the apostles, the prophets, His servants who pious, ¬ those people who were martyred, honest people, scholars and generations of people who have the knowledge and faith are better than the angels.

Similarly, clear to God that the devil is the ugliest creatures in nature.

So God throw him out of heaven. While the Angels do not have knowledge of the case (ie the creation of Adam and persistence in the face of the earth with the decision of Allaah)

Secondly, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala will want to show the virtues of Adam science and distinguish them (the angels) with knowledge, God taught all over the names. God said to the angels: "Tell me the names of them if you guys are right". (A1-Baqarah: 31). Mentioned in the commentary of Ibn Kathir, that they (the angels) said: "It is not God create a creature that is more noble than us. They think that they are better than the main Kholifah and that God made on earth. When God tested them with science Kholifah taught against this, then they admit a weakness for anything that they do not know, they said:

"Glory to Thee, none to our knowledge except what You have taught us. Truly you are the Knower, the Wise". (Al-Baqarah: 32).

So when it appeared before them the virtue of Adam with a specificity of science.
Third, that Allaah when informed the angels about the primacy of science in the form of Adam, and their lack of knowing what is taught to him, then God said to them: "Did I not tell you truly I Knower of secrets heaven and earth and I know that you guys are putting out and that you hide ". (AI-Baqarah: 33).
Then God teach them about science. His knowledge encompasses all the visible and hidden, and the secret in the heavens and on earth. God introduced them about the nature of science and the primacy of his prophet

Fourth, Verily Allah bestows upon Adam a perfect properties being greater than in others. God wants to reveal to the angels of virtue and glory of Adam. So that it is clear to the angel of the prophet Adam advantages in terms of science. This suggests that the science is very precious in the human side. (AI Sciences Syarfuhu wa fadluhu 30 - ¬ 32)

The knowledge that will raise the degree of owner in the world and the hereafter. Not because of power, wealth, nor any other kind. And it also adds to the glory of science could even raise the degree of a slave to be glorious. As narrated in Saheeh Muslim (817) from the hadeeth Zuhri, from Abi Tufail that Nafi 'ibn' Abd al-Harith Ibn Umar came Khoththob in 'Usfan which Umar lifted (as regent) for residents of Mecca-Then Umar said: "Who would you pick became regent in this country? him (Nafi ') replied: "I have raised Ibn abza for them." Then Umar said, "Who is Ibn abza? Then answered: "He is a slave." Umar said: "(why) you appoint a slave? Answered:" Because he's an expert who read the Qur'an and the 'alim in the science of inheritance. Then Umar said: The Prophet Know your true Shallallahu'alaihi wasallam has said: "Verily, Allah will raise this with the Book (the Qur'an) is a group of people and degrading in others."

Al-Hasan ibn 'Ali said to his son and his brother: "Study the science, because it could be (at this point) is the small guys, but tomorrow you will be magnifying the. If anyone does not rote, let him write." (As Sunan Al Madkhal ila Al Kubro (632).
Urwah bin Az-Zubayr said to his son: "Come, learn the science to me. Due actually can be (one day) you become the leader of a people. Previously I was a minor and no one looks at me. When I was growing up (by having science) then people started to ask me. And there is not anything for the most severe cases a person when asked about his religion, but he was in a state of ignorant (not knowledgeable). " (Bayanul Ilmi wa Fadlihi by Al Imam Ibn Abdil Bar).
Lukman dar narrated that he said to his son: "O my son, sit down with the scholars, and join them with your knees (along with them). Surely God will turn the hearts with wisdom as animate (fertilize) the dry earth with the rain." (A1 Madkhal ila Sunan As All Kubro)

AtsTsaury Sufyan said: "Those who want the world and the hereafter then let him seek knowledge."

An Nadhor bin Syumail said: "Those who want the glory in the world and hereafter let him learn science. Enough for someone a happy, when trusted on matters of religion of God, and become (intermediate propagation) between Allah and His servant."

Uyainah bin Sufyan said: "Humans are the most high position with Allah is the one who becomes (intermediate propagation) between God and His servants. They are the prophets and scholars.

There are many sayings of the scholars who explain that science will exalt those who take the road to menimbanya. In contrast, for those people who underestimate ¬ science, God will humble position in the world and the hereafter. Surely those who feel the droplets of science, he has reached the ultimate happiness. Because science is a very especial grace and noble. Whoever escapes from the delicious taste of science then it would be useful from what is obtained in others. In fact it can lead one to destruction and humiliation.

Someone who studied the religion of Allah is like a captain who sailed with the ship to the island of the eternal. In taking the journey, would not want to have to deal with various challenges, whether in the form of wind rumble, or high rolling waves that can throw the ark with a vengeance. But along with that, the
captain was a steel-minded and have to equip themselves with knowledge, so that he faces a variety of obstacles that the heart patient and steadfast, unwavering despite the crashing waves at all. But his desire never faded to continue the journey to the eternal island. So for anyone who wants to find happiness in the world and the hereafter, then let him sail boat science.

Narrated from Imam Ahmad Al Tirmidhi from the hadeeth of Abu clan Kabsyah Al Annamaari, he said: The Messenger Had Shallallahu'alaihi wasallam said: "Verily, in this world there are four groups:

"(First) of a servant that God gave him wealth and knowledge. While he fears Allah in the property, so he ties connect, and he knows his duty against the property. Then people like this gain position very glorious in the sight of Allah.

(Second), which was given a science and no possessions, while he said: "If I own property and I will do good deeds like so and so, even though he only intended to be, then both gain the same reward. (Third), A are given wealth and he was not given science hunks in his property and he is not afraid of his Lord, do not connect ties and no obligations to the property. then this position is more despicable person in the sight of Allah.

(Four), Somebody who tidakdiberi property nor obtain knowledge, then say: "If I had a treasure that I will do good deeds like so and so (the third). Though only with the intention of obtaining both the same sin." (Saheeh Hadeeth, dishohihkan by al-Tirmidhi, Al-Hakim and otherwise).
In the above hadeeth the Prophet Shallallahu'alaihi wasallam mention the people who are happy in two categories, and make science and charity - with a variety of duties-as a cause of happiness obtained. Meanwhile, those who hurt, he divided into two categories, and make its influence as a cause of ignorance and destruction.

In Saheeh Muslim narrated from Abi Hurairoh Shallallahu'alaihi wasallam radliyallahu'anhu of the Prophet that he said:
"If a child is lost then the deeds of Adam's death except for three cases; shodaqoh jariyah (flowing reward), beneficial knowledge and a pious child who mendo'akan parents."

Hadith above shows the primacy and glory of science, as well as the magnitude of the reward that will be achieved with the science. Because the reward remains will flow to those who died while he was still with her benefit. It is as if he is still alive and has not been interrupted deeds even though their lives are no longer contained in the body. Therefore, a knowledge who preach and spread the kindness, his soul shall live even if he died. A bookish good deeds will always be remembered by many people and the track will be a role model for people who are still alive.

Therefore we ask Allaah to make us that including the group of people who get happiness of the world and the hereafter, and confer upon us useful knowledge from ignorance and turning our selves. Wallahul Muwaffiq ila sabilish

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