Saturday, June 21, 2014

A drop of dew in the Morning 4

Mardhatillah or pleasure of God is the result of good work andnot sautu illicit intent based solely on worship. In Islamic terminology, worship not only covers aspects of ritual (worship mahdhah) such as, prayer, alms, fasting, pilgrimage and so on, but also public worship such as work, do good to parents, and other public services. Ridak different reward values. Originally the intention lillahi ta'alla job, then God will reward him. Giving is a form of his keridhlaan.

Working within Islam itself is an obligation. Prophet. According to a hadith narrated by Imam Tabarani and Bayhaqi said: "Finding a job is a lawful obligation after obligation worship (ritual)". Muslim duty first to God, ie perform prayers and other religious rituals. Then obligation to yourself, that works for a living to provide for his life, so as not to burden others. If already bekeluarga the increased responsibilities, namely to provide for my wife and kids. Him when having more income, must also help ease the burden of relatives and relatives. If it is fulfilled, obligatory upon him to help the people who need it.

Thus all the work activities of a Muslim becomes an obligation that must be met, family and relatives, as well as society. Obligation means if implemented get the reward, if left to get the punishment. So, working in an office or other workplace definitely rewarded. Once again, God's intention that impose obligations to him. The intention lillahi ta'alla.

Observe and reflect on dew drops in the morning though briefly, is expected to bring the atmosphere of our work throughout the day leads to keridhlaan God. With the morning dew intermediaries, we contemplate that the creation of all kinds of the world and its contents, the change of day and night as a sign of God's power. Daily readings that will be the spirit of the journey of life that serves as a rail towards keridhlaan earlier. Daily Meditations that will make us Muslims consistent. Which states that only God, God and our purpose. That is what is meant by the verse:

"Surely those who say 'Our Lord is God', then they remain unchanged (consistent) then it will not overwrite fear over them nor feel sad". (Al Ahqaaf: 13)

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