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Powerful Weapons, Muslim Businessman 2

Powerful Weapons, Muslim Businessman 2

Have we use prayer as a regular curved weapon in the face of difficult life? Let alone in the face of adversity, we too were delighted gracefully told to pray. Therefore, in addition to prayer becomes hope for our liking, also serve as our close relationship with the Creator. If prayer as a self approach, prayer as a means for the maintainance proximity. Keep in mind, only the obligatory prayers five times a day, while between times it is possible for an immoral servant do. That probably happened due to someone who prays, but still do immoral.

Therefore, we do minimize opportunities for prayer immoral. Guidance in prayer and remembrance, two things are done all the time in the entire state. Start of waking up, go in and out the shower, mirror, wearing and removing clothing, in and out the house, entered the mosque, perform ablutions, before and after prayers, in the rain and lightning, drive, when it is time for the morning and evening, see something amazing, when confused and sad, when receiving a gift, having a husband and wife, when the sick and afflicted, dealing with people who do wrong, until when will sleep a night, including pray if you can not sleep. All there is prayer. Referral is worth reading for the memorized and practiced is a book entitled Al-Azhar (Prayer and Remembrance) written by Imam Nawawi is now widely translated.

Remember as a school, we used to say learning while praying (ora et labora). When work does not hurt, even should pray more. Test of life is much more severe than the national test and academic final exam. So, while the input data to the computer and can be accompanied by prayer and remembrance. Traveling or in the course of this life should always be covered with a remembrance and prayer.
Allah says in Surah Al-Baqarah paragraph 186. "When a servant of God ask of God then surely (answer). I was close. I would grant the petition if he begs people to ask God. Then let them fulfill the commandments. "In Surah Al-Araaf verse 55 also says," Pray to the Lord with a humble and gentle voice. Surely God is not like the people who go beyond the limits. "And, already guaranteed a wish come true prayer God through the word of Allah in Surah Al-Mu'min verse 60," Lord said. Ask me. I it certainly grant your request. "

Prayer no derivatives. Among dhikr and seek forgiveness. Both also a very powerful weapon. Many verses and hadiths of Prophet Muhammad which states the primacy of dhikr with thayibah sentences (sentences that either) or forgiveness. Allah says in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 152, "So remembrance me, surely I will remember you." He is the Prophet Muhammad once said, "No good deeds done one son Adam who can save him from the punishment of Allah more than the remembrance of God." (Ahmad bin Hanbal). Another Hadith, "There are two words that loved God lightly spoken, but both are heavy in the scales of God, ie," Subhanallah wa bil hamdihi, subhanallah hil 'azhim. "Most holy God and praise him. Blessed is He and Exalted. (Bukhari and Muslim) The Prophet was asked, "what's most important charity?" He replied, "That is if you are dead, while the tongue remains moist with the remembrance of God."

The power of prayer and remembrance for those who daily wrestle with the severity of the problems of life, should be explored and developed. Therefore, it is our weapons in the face of all these problems. Anyone, as long as he is a Muslim, it is very easy to get. Only with cupped hands, begged something faith that prayer will be granted. However, rarely diaantara why we are doing it?

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